How to use aptone

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In this article we show you how to use aptone. Make sure aptone is installed and running on your computer.

If that’s not the case, refer to the setting up aptone guide.

1. Upload your samples

Drag & Drop your samples into the app.

Step 1: Upload samples

2. Open aptone

Click on ‘Open App’ to open aptone in your web browser.

Step 2: Open App

3. Search samples

You can search for tags by typing in the instrument you are searching for. By clicking on the tag, it will be logged in. You can also search for file names.

Step 3: Search

4. Browse samples

If you find the one you want to use, click on the “+” symbol on the right of the sample or drag it into the export area.

Tip: Navigation works even better with arrow keys and space bar.

Step 4: Browse

5. Export samples

When you are finished with browsing your samples, click on ‘Send to widget’.

Step 5: Export

6. Use samples

The app will open, and you can now drag & drop the sample(s) directly in your DAW.

Step 6: Use in your DAW