We are joining Cyanite 🎉 Read the news here
Logos of aptone and Cyanite

We are joining Cyanite

Dear community,

We’ve been on an exciting journey over the past three years building aptone together with you. Now it’s time to say goodbye …or not? We are happy to announce that we join forces with our friends from Cyanite and that we follow up on our vision creating innovative solutions for the music industry. 🚀

About Cyanite

Cyanite helps music companies turn their catalogs into their own personal Spotify - providing music libraries with the usability, transparency and functionality users have become accustomed to. Cyanite’s vision is to become the universal music intelligence that understands, connects, and recommends the world’s music - an intelligence that can translate music into everything and everything into music.

Screenshot of Cyanite web app

Tagging music with the Cyanite web app - © Cyanite

You can access the full press release kit here.

A new chapter

The product that we built so far will not be continued as is but we’ll keep you up to date about how aptone will be integrated into Cyanite.

This is a big step for us and by far the hardest decisions we had to make in our founding story. The last year was tough in terms of fundraising and we revised our strategy towards partnering up with other companies in the music tech sphere. After working so closely together as a team it was even harder when we finally decided to approach different directions. Bastian will continue his career at the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS), while Tim will take a career break. Johannes will join the Cyanite board as Director of Information Technology.

Picture of aptone founders

Bastian, Johannes & Tim - © Dobner / Angermann Film

We want to say thank you to all the people who helped us in so many different ways. 🙏

Thanks to our team members Pablo and Jannis, to all advisors from accelerators & incubators and to all others who helped us to make this journey a success.

Cheers ✌️

Tim, Bastian & Johannes